As you may have guessed, my name is Chris Olin. I'm an information technology professional and Renaissance man based out of Washington, DC (and on occasion, I help recover stolen bicycles). This site initially started as an idle hobby in 2009 while I was still in college, eventually evolving into a personal project.

This site is under active development as I have switched this site from WordPress to Jekyll in early 2018 and imported nearly 10 years of original content in the process. Aside from broken links, ugly formatting, and character encoding issues caused from importing said content, I'm working on designing a new theme for this site alongside a couple other personal projects.

Infrequently, I write something entertaining and informative. A significant amount of the content on this site is regarding a con man and sociopath named John Macan, who I crossed paths with years ago and has been charged with three state felonies in Texas. While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, I keep this information available here as it has been invaluable for dozens of people who have also met him, in addition to letting others who have been manipulated by him know that they are not alone.

You can use the "Blog" link in the top nav bar above (or tap on the three-lined menu icon on the right if you're on a mobile device) for a list of past blog posts. Future site additions will include a sidebar that contains recent blog posts.

-- Chris