About? About what? About me? About this site?

Like many people, I was an immature idiot for the first quarter of my life. I was a hyperactive terror child growing up, awkward and too smart for my own good as a teenager (much to the vexation of the adults in my life then), and embarassingly naïve (and still awkward) in my early 20s. Years of relentless bullying, being ghosted by fake friends, and depression made me a more enlightened, independent human and a well-rounded technologist. Fortunately, I turned out alright and a little wiser. I’ve always been somewhere between an engineer and a nerd, so all the mistakes and difficult life experiences I endured growing up helped me become a better, smarter adult. Some of my idols whose works helped me along the way and got me through some dark times include Neil Tyson, Christina Hoff-Sommers, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and Jordan Peterson.

Like I explain on the homepage of this site, this site started out as a personal project in college. I was more interested in the experience of setting up a website and managing a production server than the complexities of writing. Some of the posts from years past are so embarassing and idiotic that I’m inclined to delete them, less they are misinterpreted by potential clients/employers, but I keep them around for two reasons. One, I value authenticity and hate censorship, even if it’s self-imposed. Two, they serve as a reminder that people can change for the better. Anyways, I haven’t had the focus or time to regularly add content to this site over the last few years, or the self-control to not write out a tirade about a couple negative events that have happened and the people responsible for them, but I’ve found some new motivation in 2018 to at least switch this site off WordPress.

These days, most of my spare time is spent on contract jobs, continuing education, and side projects that are not (currently) for public consumption. Additionally, I’m tenatively planning a cross-country bicycle tour in Summer 2019 (inspired by a former manager’s brother) and designing a custom velomobile based off of Organic Transit’s ELF, Paul Elkins’ micro mobile home, and this DIY bike trailer with a solar panel on top.