So, I have to be up for work in about five hours and I'm going to try making this short. I really doubt this is going to be short, but I digress.

Played around a little bit, made some theme changes and added some widgets. You'll notice that I've added a few blogs to my blogroll. I'm a big fan of Leo Laporte and TWiT, so expect the majority of my blogroll to be made up of regulars from this WEEK in TECH, [email protected], and a few other TWiT netcasts. I'm done plugging TWiT now.

The only DAP I own, excluding my cellphone, is an iRiver H320 that sits in my car because I usually hate listening to the radio. Seeing how I never bring it in to dock it to put netcasts in it before the next time I drive, I use my cellphone (a Palm Centro) to stream netcasts while I'm driving to work or whatnot.

I probably won't update anything for a day. I've been working 3pm - 9:30pm Friday and then 8am - 4pm Saturday for a few weeks, which leaves me exhausted by the time I get out of work Saturday. I might see if I can make updates using Opera Mini on my phone while I'm at work.