After some well needed sleep, I decided to spend a fairly large amount of money on not just a domain name and hiding my contact info off a WHOIS lookup on the domain, but a Skype In phone number, a year subscription for unlimited calling in North America, and about $10 to link this blog to the domain I bought. I'll probably regret this in a few weeks after paying a bunch of bills and wishing I had more money for gas and food, but I'm losing focus.

While I'm still slowly adding on to and updating this blog, now that it has it's own domain, I'm going to consider this a grand opening of sorts. I'll start considering this blog as my "homepage" and probably start shamelessly plugging it. I'll be putting more material to read when I get to it. Expect some sharp-tongued ranting when the school year starts back up.

In other news, while I was catching up on sleep after work, I slept right through a tornado that hit a nearby town and dangerously close to where I work. The National Weather Service rated this tornado as an F2. Nonetheless, it tore through a small part of western New York and left a ridiculous amount of damage in its wake.

For now, that's all the news I have. I'm working yet again in about 11 hours, so I'm going to do some cleaning, eating, and maybe some updating to links and whatnot on the sidebar before I hit the sack.