Wow. September was an excruciatingly long and stressful month. I completely forgot to post updates. Here's hoping that October is much better.

Unfortunately, in reference to my previous post, I didn't go to Syracuse nor did I get to preview the Google OS. Long story. However, I bought three grand worth of computer parts through my employer's distributor (total came to a little over $800).

The parts will end up turning into a little HTPC and a beast of a server (SSI). The HTPC will be a master MythTV backend/frontend in the living room while the server (which will be in my room) will be my media/web/file server that will also run as a slave backend and frontend. I'm bogged down with an outrageous amount of homework so I don't have time to give out specs or any more depth regarding how I'm going to set everything up. That will be for the future.

Lastly, you'll noticed a link to the right side called 'OpenPGP'. If you click it, you will find my PGP public key. If you wish to (securely) communicate with me, you will need it.

That's all for now.