October hasn't been much better than September, for reasons I can't, or shouldn't, say specifically what. I can be a bit broad and say it's because of a certain person constantly promising me things, then giving me an excuse later and why it isn't their fault. This has gone on since September. It's become a problem.

Anyway, I got my overheating Toshiba (A305D-S6848) working and threw the beta version of Ubuntu Karmic on it. Works better than Jaunty did on it. I've been spending some time trying to get $HOME and swap encryption working. I made some progress on this front. I was able to get $HOME encryption working using what Dustin Kirkland posted on his blog. I used the following command to generate the passphrase.

< /dev/urandom tr -cd \[graph:\]|fold -b|head -c 32

Now, let's talk swap and hibernate. I want hibernate support on my laptop. Period. The best way of doing this is using dm-crypt and LUKS, which I was able to set up. My problem (and I eventually said "to hell with this" and just remade the partition as swap) was that fstab was trying to mount the swap space before I was prompted to input the password to decrypt the swap space. I spent a few days playing with scripts in /usr/share/initramfs-tools and /etc/initramfs-tools, adding scripts to local-top, local-premount, and others, trying to get a prompt to decrypt the swap space before fstab kicked in.

Otherwise, everything is working fine and I'm satisfied for the most part. I doubt I'll buy Toshiba again, though. I've had numerous problems with this laptop (starting with the inverter board blowing less than six months after I bought it), and it's only a few years old. I'll probably go with System76 next time I plan on buying a laptop.