The fat bastard gave me a cold for Christmas. Seriously.

Anyway, happy Chrismahanukwanza to all. I guess I should give some sort of geekish post to feed the masses (I'm looking at 20+ hits a day).

So, I was able to secure myself an Xbox 360. For the moment, I'm currently borrowing a friend of mines copy of Rockback with all the instruments and whatnot. I'm also borrowing Halo 3. I bought myself a copy of Fable off eBay for like $9 total.

I also secured myself a 24" Sanyo LCD TV and was able to replace the 12" GE CRT TV that was in the living room. This TV also has a VGA input. So, I've relocated my crap HTPC to the living room and connect it directly to the TV. My previous method was using S-Video and 3.5mm to RCA into an RF modulator, which was horrible horrible video and audio quality.

All in all, it's quite a nice setup. Now, I just need to get around to cleaning the entire apartment.

That's all for now.

UPDATE (12/27/2009): Bought a Wiimote and Bluetooth dongle for the HTPC. I'm controlling it with the Wiimote from the living room couch instead of having to VNC in to pause/change movies/rewind, and so on.