It's been weeks since I've posted. Things have been kind of slow and I haven't really had anything to post about, or have the desire to. That quickly changed in the last minute and Facebook is going to feel my wrath because of it.

Over the last few months, some random person named Richard Hayes has been adding a lot girls I'm friends with or know in passing. I had never seen the kid, so I figured he grew up in the area and was in high school or something. It was until a few weeks ago that my girlfriend told me that he was creeping on one of her friends status updates and was putting pictures of her on his own profile. About a week or so later, he was creeping on my girlfriends status updates, asking her friends questions about things he should not be knowing about. It was so creepy I called someone I know at the local Sheriff's office about it.

The advice was to just make it aware to everyone about this person and contact Facebook regarding him. I did that. Unfortunately, Facebook did absolutely nothing. This guy is a textbook example of a creeper that will come to your house and rape you in your sleep, yet Facebook is doing nothing about it. So, I made a group to spread the word, ingeniously named "Richard Hayes is a creeper. Do NOT add him as a friend". In a day, 50 people joined.

About 10 minutes ago, I logged into Facebook and had a cute little banner telling me that this group was violating Facebook's Terms of Service and was removed. First off, Facebook's Terms of Service brutally step on the first amendment. They have NO right banning what groups people can make, barring cesspools of porn addicts in one giant group. Secondly, the person the group is about is a creeper and Facebook is doing nothing about it. Lastly, I have my own hate group. It's been on Facebook for months, probably a year, yet Facebook hasn't removed that. I smell bullshit.

In terms of intelligence, business practice, and customer satisfaction, Facebook is following in the steps of Microsoft. Give it a decade or so, hopefully less, and some Finnish software developer will create something better. Regarding the current problem, this blog post is going to be the solution. I'll make a group about this blog post, and this blog post/comments will be the center of information regarding Richard Hayes and why not to add him as a friend. Making a group about a blog post is not against Facebook's ToS and I will sue them if they remove the group or draw more attention then they want to it.

To be completely honest, all Facebook has to do is simply warn the guy, remove the pictures that he put up on his profile that aren't his, ask him to stop, or his account will be deleted. If they're going to remove the group warning people about the guy, my idea shouldn't be too hard. Anything beyond this point will be updates about the whole Richard Hayes situation. As a side note, it's really going to suck to be this guy now. Before, the group was only on Facebook. Now, Google's spiders are going to cache this.

PSA: Since there are a lot of Richard Hayes' in the world, let me clarify that this specific Richard Hayes told me he lived in Europe and was in the military. Looks like he around 18 to early 20's years old. I do not want to be (nor am I) responsible for someone named Richard Hayes that isn't the individual being mentioned in this blog post receiving unwanted or negative attention because of this blog post. I'll try getting the link to his Facebook profile in the future and put it here so if you stumbled across this blog post trying to do a background check on someone named Richard Hayes, you can confirm you have the wrong (or right) person.