This week has been full of unexpected surprises. Some good, some bad. The good far outweigh the bad so much, just thinking about the good is making me smile. Oh, and it's started snowing again. Lots of snow. I use one of those adjustable butane pencil torches to unfreeze my car door lock in the morning.

I recently added a "current projects" page, full of projects that are completed, in progress, or I haven't started yet. Some are pretty much complete, but I'm waiting on better equipment to mark them as finished, like the home theater PC. What I currently have in place works (and it's more of a server set up to play back movies and stream TV of the interwebs), but it's running like a gig of RAM and I want true HD playback along with a MythTV frontend/backend setup so I can set up up other computers within the network as frontends and stream video off the master backend once I have an entirely switched gigabit ethernet network up and running.

I finally regenerated a new GPG key, and I'll be putting the ASCII armored copy on the OpenPGP page sometime in the future, along to a link to an .asc file for it if you have something against ASCII. I should probably get on adding it to a few keyservers too.

That's pretty much it. I've got a few ideas and projects in mind, but I'll talk about them another time.