I passed out around 8 tonight then woke up a little after 12:30 wide awake. Second time this week. Once on Monday and again tonight (Wednesday). I'm busy Tuesday and Thursday nights, which means Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my only days during the week to get anything done, but I digress.

Currently, I have every aspect of this blog hosted by 1and1. A day later, I've discovered that 1and1 has a really bad reputation in terms of reliability, billing, and tech support (and I now have a job doing that last bit). For $6.99 a month for the first 6 months free and a 12 month contract, I can't say as I'm complaining nor have I had any problems. Yet.

I have enough headaches in my life. I don't need another. I'm in the process of transferring this domain to a different registrar. The last thing I need is this domain taken hostage. In any case, I'm transferring it over to my DynDNS account. I've used them for free domains for awhile. Their reputation is top-notch and I've personally had some quality conversations with some of their PR team via Twitter.

As far as hosts go, I'm looking at ICDSoft at the moment. For 50GB storage, half a terabyte of bandwidth per month, then all the standard free goodies and extras (Perl/Python scripting support, subdomains, FTP access, subdomains, etc) for $10 a month, it's looking pretty good. They've got a pretty solid reputation for having consistent uptime and no lag during peak hours.

I'm still looking at different hosts (mainly because I want SSH access and cron) and I haven't settled on anything yet. 1and1 has a 90 day refund. I'm getting the first 6 months free out of a 12 month contract and it looks like I can cancel the contract any time in that 90 day period, so I'm not rushing to switch.

I'm also looking at a domain to use past hosting this wordpress blog, which is really why I want to move to a reliable host. Now that I have my own domain and can host more than just this blog, I have plans that include this domain as both a personal and professional resource. The things I say on this blog is me. There is no barrier, no middle man. Most of the times, I'm typing straight from the hip. If I go and apply for a job and a potential employer finds my website, reads this blog, they have a rare opportunity to get an idea of the type of person I am. There's only so much that can be conveyed in an interview. It's one of the pros of having this blog, but don't worry. The focus hasn't changed. While I consider this a personal blog (to hell with livejournal), a lot of my life revolves around technology. If you want technology-related posts, I'm going to try using tags and categories better.

Past all the technical stuff, I guess I should expand on the last post I gave back in August.

I admit, I was furious when I typed that post. Some of the best advice I've been given is before I post anything emotionally charged, save it as a draft and wait three days. Then go back and see if you still want to post it or post it as is. Now, I didn't wait three days before posting that. However, I've been tolerating John Macan's bullshit and lies longer than three days. To be honest, it really started in August of last year when he first called me asking me if I wanted to work for him fixing computers.

I rarely ever regret anything I've done or wished I could have done something different in the past. Even when things turn out horribly wrong, I usually don't regret my choices. I consider every day and everything a learning experience. Some experiences are worse than others. However, this is one of those learning experiences I wish I had never had. I should have told him to piss off and hung up the phone. The oversized idiot has made me far more distrustful than I've ever been in my life.

In any case, I've moved out of Batavia and I'm back in Rochester. I should have done this far sooner. John put me in debt for over $1,000 in utility bills that he never paid and said he would. Then after close to a month of being back in Rochester, I get a letter in the bill from a collections agency. The company that manages the apartment complex I lived on wants $1,300 for 'damages' that my old roommate and I left. Now, I'll be the first to say that the place wasn't spotless when we left and and I know the fridge was a mess, but it was nothing that the $500-something security deposit couldn't cover. In short, I'm about $2,500 in the hole. All from living in Batavia. There are two more issues in Batavia that are of a different nature. Both of them are separate and stem from two different people lying. Not only lying, but going too far with their lies. When both of these issues are resolved, I'll go in to detail (and destroy some credibility and reputations belonging to these two people).

Now, there is good news. There was a two week gap between me moving back to Rochester and landing a damn decent full-time job. For the most part, I like it. As always, there's a handful of people that make it... stressful at times. There are problems, but it's not many and the biggest is really a handful of other employees are downright disrespectful and rude. Fortunately, none of the supervisors are like this. I get the impression that the people acting this way will eventually lose their job.

Because of this job, I'm taking the semester and probably the year off of school. I don't have the time right now to describe the stress I've been put through both from living in Batavia and attending GCC. I have no desire to return after what I've been through. For the most part, the county is a festering pit of stupid that continues breeding idiocy akin to some viral plague. The entire town is like a giant high school. The drama, the rumors that people spread, it's just ridiculous. I feel my blood pressure rising every time I enter Genesee County now. However, I'll admit that there are some, but very few, worthwhile people living there (if you're one of them and reading this post, none of this is directed at you). After moving back into Rochester and not having to deal with this kind of headache daily... it was like a weight was pulled off my shoulders. I'm eating better and sleeping regularly. I wake up, go to work, come home, and go to sleep happy. I have no idea how I put up with the stress for so long. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I've started looking into transferring my credits to MCC and finishing my degree there.

I think that's enough of an update for now. I'll be working on creating an actual homepage with a link to the blog in the future. One of these days, I might work on my own 'theme' to use on both this blog and the site itself.