I seriously slept for 11 hours straight. It would've been 12 if my alarm hadn't gone off an hour before I wanted it to. This is how exhausted I was yesterday. :(

I've been devoting my time setting up Google Apps, and getting all of my e-mails to forward to a single address, then having everything sorted with filters. To add on to that, I'm trying to set things up where I automatically reply with the address that the e-mail was sent to. Right now, the problems I'm having with this are centered around e-mails coming from mailing-lists and when I reply to an e-mail with my cellphone.

The sending e-mail address defaults to my main e-mail address and when I'm using my (Android) phone, I can't choose which address I want to use to send the e-mail with.

In any case, this is why there hasn't been any noticeable updates to the site yet. It's just further down on my list of things to do.