Okay, so months ago I ranted about a rather fat and pathetic individual named John Macan who, at the time, was living in the Batavia/Stafford, New York area. This post is going to serve as a bit of an update and I wish I could see his face if he ever read this. If anyone actually manages to record/take a picture of the above, I may very well be willing to give a monetary reward. See below for a picture.

UPDATE (2/2011): John is in jail. See the comments below for more information.

UPDATE (4/2011): John may have been released from jail. I assume somehow, he came up with bail money.

UPDATE (4/2015): John is residing near Houston now, is on probation after being convicted of two separate felonies, and continues to con people. The investigation against him in NY has long since been dropped. I have written other posts on him that are far more up-to-date.

Right so, for anyone reading this, he is now living in College Station, Texas. He's staying in an apartment on Marion Pugh Drive. He is/was dating a girl and two people close to this girl contacted me after finding my previous blog post regarding John. Neither of them, to quote their own words "believe a word he says".

Diving further in (and I might be reiterating some of this), he has no college degree. He left a bunch of papers at my apartment after he trashed it. I have written proof (that I've scanned) that he does/has a bench warrant out for his arrest in New York (I don't know if he took care of it), he has so many fines that he is unable to get a license in New York (because he's had so many DWI's, but that I know. I don't have paperwork for it). He is no laywer or attorney.

Currently and as far as I know, he's claiming he has a Master's degree from Cornell University and will be teaching some kind of computer class in the future at Texas A&M university. He's says it, but it's not going to happen. He does not have a degree, especially a Master's degree. In addition, I was recently told by an anonymous source (literally) that he's impersonating a firefighter in College Station, Texas. I have no idea if this is true, but it fits his modus operandi.

Lastly, he's currently being investigated in New York. The case is being handled by Deputy Matthew Butler of the Genesee County Sheriff's. As I'm typing this post right now, no charges have been filed yet.

I'll add more information as I learn it. If anyone is interested in contacting me with information/wanting to know even more information, please leave a comment. It will not post automatically and if you would not like the comment public, please say so in the comment.