Tuesday really sucked. It sucked so bad that it deserved a post of it's own to acknowledge just how much it sucked. I'm still not over how much it sucked and sadly, I might not entirely get over just how much it sucked. I would've posted this sooner if I hadn't been so busy.

Moving on past all the suck from Tuesday, I'll have some IT related posts in the future as I set up a Dell PowerEdge as an Active Directory controller using Server 2003 for ~75 XP clients at work. To clarify, if all the licensing stuff works out, I'll be using Server 2003. If it doesn't, I'm going to be trying a Ubuntu Server/Samba4 setup instead.

Part of me is kind of hoping the licensing stuff doesn't work out. I personally rather try using and documenting Linux/Samba4 as an AD solution over Windows Server.