So, it's reached the point where I'm working on so many things, trying new things, fixing so many things that I forget just exactly how I did something. This is a problem in more than way. It makes trying to explain how I fixed something several days/weeks/months ago hard and if I have the same problem, it takes me almost the same amount of time I spent the first time around. To fix this, I'm going to start documenting things here. Personally, I'd like some kind of Trac setup, but in the meantime, this will work.

While the title of this post is spot on, I spent the last 48+ hours working on it. I'm tired of typing on a keyboard. So I'll be documenting the steps I took to solve the problems listed in the post title in the future. Probably Monday evening/night.

UPDATE (4/7/2011): Work has taken over my life. One of these days, I'll update this. If you are reading this and really need help, leave a comment. I'll do what I can to help.