Long time, no post. I've been really swamped with work and a variety of different projects outside of work.

In an effort to post regularly beyond rants and whatnot, I'm going to try documenting my projects, pictures and possibly video included. One of the projects in the future (AKA when I have the money to buy a MIG welder and supplies) is going to be taking up MIG welding and either spot welding or brazing sheet metal to the rusted/rotted out spots on my car that I'll be cutting out. Afterwards, I'll be using bondo to fill in dents and gashes, sanding it down, priming and painting, and hopefully, have a considerably better looking car.

But past that project, I have other things I've been playing with, some work related. I imagine regularly writing about them will keep me motivated to continue working on them and not get distracted with something else.