Congratulations! If you are reading this, it means the DNS changes to the new server have propagated to the DNS server you use and are accessing the "new" blog.

Someone from Host Virtual left a comment on the old blog on 1&1 before I switched, extending me a welcome. I'm not sure how they found the blog, but I'm completely impressed and blown away. That's a level of customer service that you rarely see.

There *may* be some slight downtime once the domain name transfer goes through, which I'm still waiting on. In the meantime, it's 3:35AM and I have work tomorrow. Night!

EDI T (10/18/2011): There was some serious downtime, partly thanks to 1&1 and kind of part my fault. 1&1 wouldn't update the goddamn nameservers and kept pointing everything to their shit. The domain transfer also took 5 fucking days to go through (not happy). When the domain transferred to the new registrars, I changed the nameservers again, which took effect near immediately, but the site still was timing out. Went to traceroute the domain and got an ICMP "Destination unreachable". That's when I realized I set the A record to The correct site IP address is OOOOOPS! Everything is fixed now.