As promised, I'm giving you all an update. It's been a few weeks since my last post and I've learned new information about John. Hopefully, he won't be able to screw anyone for several years to come.

For those of you that are reading this blog for the first time, I was screwed over by an individual from Stafford, New York named John Macan a few years ago. Long story short, I ranted about him one day on this blog. About a year later, people I had never talked to before from College Station, Texas had left comments on this blog, wanting to know more about this individual because they thought it sounded like someone a friend of theirs was dating at the time. Quickly moving on, her friends and family were able to go to her with John's past and fortunately, nothing overly terrible happened. Since then, I would get random comments and e-mails from people that had dated, were dating, had met or had heard of him. Months ago in September, this blog saw it's highest amount of visitors in one day (157 unique IPs) and the pages on John Macan had the most traffic, but moving on.

John is looking at two felonies, at least. I don't know the intimate details, but he was caught trying to rob some place. Because he had an ACD (Adjournement in Contemplation of Dismissal) for his felony charge of falsifying a financial instrument or something similar, that caused that charge to come back. More charges may be pending. If anyone know's who the detective assigned to either case is, I encourage you to point them to this blog. I've created a special category for all of the posts regarding John for easy reading, called "John Macan". You can pull up all of these pages by pointing your browser to I encourage you to click this link and read the other posts about him, especially the post titled John Macan (part 2). This is not a one-sided story. Dozens of people have left comments expressing their own experiences with him.

As far as I'm aware, he is in jail. If he's not, he's somehow (magically) on bail. If he is, I'll be amazed if he doesn't try fleeing the state, maybe even the country. He is aware of this site's existence and I gladly take most of the credit in making sure he's behind bards. However, I want to take the time to thank everyone that's communicated information about him, his whereabouts, what he's doing, etc to me over the years. What turned into a paragraph or two rant about some fat douchebag that screwed me over ended up being the catalyst of something much bigger than I ever imagined. It helped fill in a lot of blanks for people that have met him and while this may have been the place to check for information about him, I wouldn't have been able put all of this information out there if all of you hadn't kept me updated. For what it's worth, if any of you come to Rochester, NY, I'll gladly buy you a drink and give you a tour of the city. New York has some pretty awesome people, excluding John Macan.

This isn't farewell or goodbye (or even the last post about John Macan). I'll probably post updates about the status of his court cases as I hear about them and maybe even party details if and when I get a date of when he's sentenced to prison time. Think of this post as the end of the story. Authors usually have book tours and dicussions with readers about their books, which is exactly what future posts about him should be considered as.