I've upgraded the site to the newest verison of WordPress, added Facebook Connect integration, and changed the theme to something different. I also landed myself a really nice job. Awesome boss, awesome people to work with. It's all awesome, short of everything breaking my first day. I was able to fix everything by noon the next day, thankfully. I'd also like to report that the media server I mentioned in one of my previous posts is up and working great. Expect some juicy details about it in the future.

I've also replaced Trac for Fossil as the framework running on the frontpage of this domain. I like it a lot more than Fossil. Nothing personal against Fossil, but what Fossil was designed for and what I wanted were two different things.

In short, life is pretty good right now.

P.S. I recently discovered that for some odd reason, I wasn't getting e-mails when people left comments for the last few months. I apologize for any delays in my getting in contact with any of you. Sorry!