As of this morning, I discovered a small issue with my Apache server that as of yet, I still haven't been able to fix. Since Freenode is the usual portal for "official" project IRC channels, I tried joining #apache on Freenode without looking up the channel first. Well, it sort of worked. I was in a channel called #httpd and based on the channel topic, it was clear I found the right place.

So, I explained my problem (if you try visiting, you're redirected to for some odd reason) and waited for a response. After about half an hour, I went through the backlog and found that a user named "thumbs" responded to me, asking what the problem was.

Since I hate having to repeat myself, I was irritated right off the bat. I told the user to go to visit He comes back with a smartass response telling me I should add content to the page. I tell him to look at the URL and he tells me to press the enter key less often. I tell him to use his brain more often. At this point, he makes himself an op then sets me to +qb (quiet and channel ban).

Since it's obvious at this point I'm not going to find any help, I left the channel. A few minutes later, I get the idea to /whois his username, which comes back with an actual name, Frank Gingras of Montreal, Quebec. A quick Google search for "Frank Gingras thumbs" and the first result is the following page on

In the long winded second post dated 02-05-2011 on that page, let me quote one of the paragraphs:

After it started to get out of hand, an ongoing publication on the Slackhappy website called 'The Wall of Shame' was a collection of ongoing logs of this harassment. When those established members of the Slackware community became aware of this, they started using proxies to spam and harass Chris and other members, and actually at one point began to 'impersonate' members of Chris' family and loved ones to try to further stain the project and 'bait' Chris into making a response. When that didn't work, Darren Austin and Frank Gingras (thumbs on freenode) began to impersonate Chris directly to generate false statements from Chris.

For the record, I'm not the "Chris" being referred to in that post. The thread goes on for another page, but the story behind it is ridiculous and any involved members of the Slackware community should have their names shamed for years to come. Nonetheless, its pretty clear that Frank Gingras is your classic internet troll. How or why he has ops on any IRC channel with any kind of reputation is beyond me. After reading that whole thread, I really feel that it should be perfectly legal to beat the piss out of these kinds of people.

I rather not see a repeat of what happened with John Macan (I didn't create this blog to publicly shame people), so I simply suggest that karma is given back to this Mr. Frank Gingras. I encourage anyone reading this post to dox the bastard. Take away any credibility he has. I want his name to leave the same bad taste in the Linux community as the word "SCO Group" does.

I want to see all the trolling he's done forcefully shoved back down his throat in whole.