In my last post about John Macan, I assumed that he hadn't made bail and was in jail. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Someone provided a link to John's Facebook account ( While he's blocked me, he hasn't entirely locked down his profile. I was able to pull up his wall page through the use of a friend's Facebook account and see some of the recent posts on his wall. It appears that he's conning yet another girl named Emily Snook. Her profile picture shows the two of them together and all of her immediate family is friends with him. Based on her latest status updates, she has been with him in person as of Monday, the 16th.

I've attempted to warn both Emily and her mother without any response. Another individual in Bryan who has gotten in touch with me is also trying to help.

However, there is some good news. As of today, John is due in court and since he didn't show up to his last court date, there has been an arrest warrant out for him. If you know where he's been staying, stay tuned. Once I find out if he showed up to his court date today or not, I'll update this post if the arrest warrant is still out for him.