Yesterday, I bought an ASUS G60JX laptop. After some hard thinking, I decided to not put Ubuntu on it and go with Arch Linux. As much as I'm thankful for all the work Canonical has put into Ubuntu and what it's done for the Linux community, it's also creating a legion of pussies and lazy asses thinking they're some badass because they know how to click some buttons and install Ubuntu. That isn't to say that everyone that uses Ubuntu is a pussy or a lazy ass.

However, after getting Arch installed and X working, I discovered I had one serious issue. Suspend doesn't work. Ironically, I found a pm-utils script on Just forget about the USB3 script and make sure you remember to set the script with execute permissions (chmod +x /path/to/pm/script), but wait, it doesn't end there!

The G60JX has a backlit keyboard and when you put it in suspend, the backlight starts having a seizure! To fix this, you need to have acpid installed. You also need to download the tar archive in this forum post, but for those that don't want to create an account on, you can download the tar archive here. Extract it, cd into the directory it creates, and run the install script (if you're using arch, replace the last line that is restarting the acpid daemon with 'rc.d restart acpid'). Afterwards, you should be able to suspend without problems.