I've been so busy these last few months, I completely forgot about this site and it's probably time for an update.

- I was hit by a car back in May and my bike was totaled along with my phone. I survived without any broken bones, head injury, or a hospital trip (which is amazing because I went flying in the air at 20 miles an hour). The driver covered all the damages right then and there. I replaced my bike three days later with a 2009 Dawes SST.

- I have a really awesome job with Blackboard, fixing UNIX and/or Windows servers. Most of my bosses are pretty awesome, laid back, flexible, and don't fit the traditional "manager" stereotype (and if that wasn't perfect enough, one is brother to this badass).

- I've been getting more into bike building and'll be getting a MIG welder soon. I've been heavily thinking about doing something similar to what Rex did in the next few years, but we'll see. The bike I've been planning right now is only seen in a Youtube video that you can find by searching for "transforming tall bike".

- I've been sick for the last month with something. Really weak, really tired, really lethargic. For the first time in weeks, I started feeling better this week and I had a sudden spark of motivation this weekend (took a spur of the moment 10 mile bike trip to a house party with some friends while meeting up with them yesterday afternoon, then biked home at 2:40am). Also managed to get around to cleaning my room and getting some laundry done.

- I haven't heard anything new about John. If I go on a tour across the country, I might pop in Texas for a little bit.

I think that's enough of an update for now. I'll try finding time to keep updating this as I go on.