Working, for the most part. Still with Blackboard and having a blast.

I apologize for the lack of updates. The winter sucked the life out of me and in mid-February, I was hit by a taxi. That resulted in a broken ankle that I'm still recovering from, but kept me in a cast for over a month and couldn't walk without assistance of some kind for almost three months.

I ended up splurging on that MIG welder that I mentioned in a previous post, but it didn't come with a tank or gas regulator, so I've been using it was a flux-core welder and have been using it to repair the welds on a 5'5 tall bike. I also invested in a stick welder and been practicing with that as well. Both run on 120VAC and the biggest difficulty is getting the amperage settings right. I'm usually running too low, afraid that I'll blow through the tubing. As a result, I get crappy penetration, but I'm getting better. I also discovered the screen on my GS3 is weld-resistant. A hot, small bead of weld (~10,000 °F) landed on my phone screen and melted through the Gorilla Glass, making a small hole, discoloration, and cracks. However, the screen still responds to touch and other than cosmetic damage, it is fine.

I've been doing a little bit more programming/scripting and you can find some of my work on GitHub. Mainly, utility scripts that run in BASH/ZSH. Speaking of ZSH, I made the plunge to ZSH on both my laptop and at work using Cygwin. I found the af-magic theme that is part of oh-my-zsh works great for my needs.

To wrap this post up, I'll be leaving for Montreal in two days for a short vacation. With a girl.