So, it's been awhile since I gave much of an update on John Macan -- mainly due to him lying as low as possible. Over the last year, I've gotten a few sporadic updates on him, his whereabouts, and his activities. In light of recent news, I figure it's time to spill what I know.

Back in December, I was contacted by a girl that happened to be, at the time, his latest victim. She wasn't sure if the person she was seeing was the same John Macan I was talking about. From her, I learned that he was pretending to be an orthopedic surgeon in Houston. I don't know if that's still the case or not.

A few months ago, I was approached by an acquaintance that let me know John was thinking about returning to New York. I'm not sure if that'll happen, but if it does, you can expect some well deserved karma if he does.

I received an e-mail tonight after work, confirming something that I had been suspecting for some months now. John is now using the name 'John Meisner' and not John Macan, likely to try scamming people with a clean reputation.

If you're reading this and have more info, I'd love to hear it.