It's been ten months since I last wrote about John. This post is going to be the longest, most detailed post to date. Writing it is going to suck because I had unexpected hand surgery this week and can only type with one hand.

Disclaimer: John is going to deny all of what I'm about to write, claim I'm making it up, and try using extremely weak conjecture to question my character to get people to dismiss what is written here. I guarantee everything written is all true, none of it is made up or dramatized, and I'll gladly answer any questions anyone has about my character. I have no secrets, and unlike John, I don't make up lies about my past.

First, I want to summarize the history of this blog. Four years ago, I was on summer break in college, working at a local amusement park. I was around 19 years old and, to be completely honest, an immature dumbass back then. Being a computer nerd, bored, and with some disposable income, I purchased some hosting with 1and1. Thus ChrisNet Headquarters was born.

I had every intention of using this blog to document some of the more nerdier things I do; as a place to air out things on my mind. One day back in August of 2010 that I idly mentioned John's name. At the time, he ripped me off a few thousand dollars and after a criminal investigation was opened against him, some lady from Batavia (Julie Falkowski) brought him to Texas as she had accepted a job at Texas A&M University -- College Station. She did this willingly, knowing full well the kind of person he is and making some fairly venomous comments about my character. If it weren't for her, I doubt John would have been able to leave New York. If John has caused you or someone you know grief, I implore you to leave comments for her below. I'm sure she'll see them someday (there are some things you can't apologize for).

Anyways, I digress. I was pissed off and figured the more people that could be warned, the better, so I spent a paragraph or two ranting about him. Three months later, I received a comment from a lady worried that her daughter may be dating John. Ultimately, I never heard anything back from her. However, another comment left a month later really got the ball rolling:

"Can you give me more information on John Michael Macan, my best friend's roommate is dating him and I am very unsure or him, I feel like I'm been fed a bunch of lies. Please Help!"

The comment was left by a college freshman in College Station, TX. A complete stranger to me. I live approximately 1,500 miles away and she's asking me for help. Long story short, between all of the information I was able to assemble and one of the early comments left on my second blog post about him (probably this one), I was able to help this person. Her roommate finally realized what John is like and dumped him. One of final things she told me was:

"But really, I just wanted to send this to say thank you, to you and your father1, I feel much safer for the people around me knowing that he is no longer an issue."

"I bet you didn't expect this much to come of a single blog post, but it has been very helpful that you posted it."

It felt nice knowing I had been able to prevent John from conning someone else, but it doesn't end here. In late August/early September of 2011, I received a few comments from two different people. The first was from a person afraid that one of her friends might be dating John. The second was from a person, using the alias "Jane", informing me of John's scheming at the time:

"He is currently dating a 17 year old senior in high school. He has her so brainwashed. Her dad said "me or him" and she picked him. He claims they are going to buy a new large house, a new car, and going to buy several businesses here in town.

Her friends have shown her this blog and pulled up DUI and theft records and tried desperately to talk some sense into her, but she thinks that it's all in his past and that he can do no wrong. We all just pray that she will not be his next victim."

I vividly recall thinking the words "oh shit" when I first read that. I immediately emailed this person (this is why you're prompted for an email address when you leave a comment, amongst other reasons). Her daughter was friends with the 17 year old girl John was dating at the time. So I don't have to type any more than I need to, I'm including part of her email response below to convey how worried everyone was:

"When I commented last night, I had not seen the more up-to-date blog that you listed below. Talking with the girls this morning, they are even more afraid for their friend now. My daughter is friends with this girl and so we had a long conversation about her. We would like to get all the information possible and take it over to the girls' dad. With her being only 17, he can certainly file statutory rape charges against John and at least do something to help his daughter get away from him.

She is so brainwashed that I don't think that we can get her to contact you. Some of her friends have already shown her this blog, but like I said, she says it was all in the past, even thou it was just a few months ago. The girls may post comments soon, but as parents, we will most likely put our email addresses as the respond to and just pass the word to them.

We are all afraid that this is going to take some major intervention to do this and will appreciate all of the help we can get. We know that she will feel hurt and unloved now, but I believe that in time she will be thankful for saving her. The only good thing is, is that she has nothing in her name and no money for him to steal. But after reading everything, I think that he will find away."

Nine days after the comment left by Jane, the 17 year old girl being talked about left a comment. Her name is Elizabeth and I had a hard time believing what I was reading:

"This is bullshit.. Seriously! Some poeple need to go back to the time when they were 4 and learn the damn meaning of mind your own buisness! And I love how people feel the need to be such a part of someones life when they don't belong in the first place. Grow up and move the fuck along."

Elizabeth's, or Lizz's following comments were just as angry and accusatory, but this is where this situation started blowing up. Lizz's comments were left around 8am on 9/17/2011. On the morning of 9/20, my inbox started blowing up because John had picked this girl up from school and her entire family decided to start commenting here. In the end, Lizz returned home later that evening, but I could only imagine the turmoil this family was in. Eventually, it got to the point where I wasn't hearing any more information. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. It was around this time I switched from 1and1 (horrible company) to Host Virtual (amazing company). I went back through my inbox from back then couldn't find any email conversations I had with anyone about John. It wasn't until January I did yet another piece on John and noticed Lizz had left a comment back in December, asking me to email her. I did and a month later, she emailed me back.

She finally understood why everyone was warning her months ago and had left John. She also included details she had with, at the time, John's latest victim. I don't want to get into too much detail, but from this information, I found out that John had physically assaulted both women. Fortunately, he was out of both their lives at this point (early 2012). Since then, Lizz has become a major asset in trying to help anyone affected by John and making sure he doesn't hurt anyone else.

For the last several months, I've been receiving comments from various people about what John has been up to (and at one point, John himself or people helping him, saying he had moved back to NY, which was a complete lie). However, the one comment I want to highlight is this one. It has all of the details about what John has been doing, where he lives, his phone number, etc. I'd paste it below, but it's quite massive and to be frank, the grammar and spelling is awful. If I were going to include some of it below, I would have to clean up the grammar, punctuation, and spelling first. Here's a heavily edited version, with cleaned up grammar, corrected spelling, sentences, and paragraphs with some sensitive information removed. I had to guess on what the author was trying to convey in some parts, but here it is below, important parts are in bold:

"Oh my god, oh my god. John Michael Macan Meisner tried to strike again. He was dating my sister and my mom decided to find out a little more about our Mr. John and then bam-o, we find this site.

Let me tell you what. This site is a godsend because it gave me and my mom the proper tools to corner his butt and we found out that Emily Lastrapes is in fact still with him willingly. In fact, they have pictures together on Facebook. She even has the ring he gave my sister on her hand and we are glad to report that he gave a false name to two diffrent hospitals. The "Meisner" name and he has something new.

Chris, my sister's daughter's dad is also a scum bag too. He pushed her further into his arm and was pretending to be my sister's ex, acting like he was stocking them and hacking my sister's Facebook when low and behold it was him.

He is also using another last name. When he went in to pay my sister's car note, he gave the last name of Barnes.

The good news is that we have his number. It is (832) 732-4XXX. This is his number right now. He is also staying in apartment's called the [redacted] in Spring, TX.

If he couldn't stoop any lower, he stole the money out of my niece's piggy bank money that we all worked really hard to help her fill. It sickens me, truly sickens me, when we confronted him he was scared and we were all packing. I really wish we could have video taped so y'all could see the terror in this boy's face. I say boy because he doesn't deserve to be called a man .

My mom is awesome. She called Fox News so we are making it really hard for that scared little bitch to do any thing to another women again. Once again, the mother/daughter team strikes again and makes the world a little bit of a better world. Thank you again for this site and John and Emily better watch y'all's back because we aren't done with you yet.

-- Undercover Sister out

P.S. John also say's he works for HP doing Homeland Security. The car he drives is a maroon Pontiac, plate number [redacted]. It says that it belongs to a Thomas Cook and a Savannah Cook, located at [redacted] Dayton, TX 77535.

We voice recorded him saying all this, proving that he didn't go to Cornell or any other major colleges. He was so scared that he dished out 100 dollars and we are giving him 24 hours for him to give the rest. If he does not, we have everything onstand by. All we have to do is make one single phone call.

P.S.S John, when you look at this, remember you better come Saturday and there will be someone there packing and we do have recordings of you about the stuff you will be paying off. You are a phone call away from being in prison with your friends and Emily.

At this point, I'm done with this post. I might update this post with more information in a week or two when I have two working hands and can type at 100WPM again.

UPDATE (2/28): I was sort of rushing when I first wrote this because I just wanted to get something out. Now that it doesn't take me minutes to type out a few sentences, I have more to add to this post.

First off, I completely neglected to point out how various people have left comments over the years after finding this blog and realizing that they've run into him already, along with his lies. I've included some of my favorites below:

"Wow!!! I have met him. He now claims to be a Colgate graduate, firefighter, paramedic and computer guru. He lives at the Twin City Mission(Homeless shelter) in Bryan TX. I met him at a bar in Bryan. He claimed he was hired by the BFD and his mother was wiring him $3500 dollars and a $1000 gift card to get a house and vehicle. He is very disturbed mentally and is probably a sociopath. He has a very convincing way about him. Definitely someone to NOT trust or associate with." -- Jay, left on 01/19/2011, 8:10PM ET

"I work for BFD and he did stop by to inquire about a job with us. By his answers to my questions, I told him he wasn't qualified. Now I know why. I thought he was delusional in thinking he could even pass our physical entrance exam, as he sat in front of me with his lungs rattling as he breathed. I got a call a few days later from someone here in town warning me about this individual. I assured him in no way would John ever be a Bryan Firefighter. I saw him walking down the street in downtown Bryan with someone we know as homeless. It puts the whole stroy together now. Wow, what a solid citizen!" -- Rick, left on 01/20/11 02:08 PM ET

"Wow, so glad I found this..I've been talking to him for almost a month now..I've tried going out with him several times but he somehow always finds an excuse not to meet me. it all makes sense now. Thanks for all this info, if you want to know anything about him: he says he's a paramedic for a couple years now, studied computer science at Cornell but didn't like it and only did it to make his mom happy, so he dropped out of it and wants to go to UT Austin/Rice/SMU for teaching/music. What is he being invesitgated for in NY?" -- Sandra, left on 06/20/11 10:07 PM ET

"So I know you are super busy with life, but it seems that somehow, your blog became the way to find out what in the world the jerk face John is up to. John burglarized a residence, and that offense caused his felony forgery charge to be changed to guilty. As of December 8th, there is a new arrest warrant out for him. Hopefully this charge will stick. Also, his residence address is a pizza place in Bryan. This is the most information that I have been able to dig up." -- Kayla, left on 12/12/11 03:58 PM ET

"This site gives me closure... and I thank Chris for keeping it up because even though I am now married and have most definetly moved on with my life, the memories of John haven't been totally erased and knowing that he got/is getting what he deserves brings me even more closure, especially after learning how many other girls he's taken advantage of and messed up their lives. I was his very first girlfriend in high school and also the first that he physically abused. He deserves everything he gets, he deserves every door to be slammed in his face. To whomever that said he's trying to change? I call bullshit on that, pathological liars don't change, they're messsed up in the head and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to change a pathological liar. I don't wish harm to anyone... except him." -- Meghan, left on 11/25/12 08:34 PM ET

"Can't believe I'm just now finding this only because I was curious to see if I could find "John Meisner" on Facebook... he was in contact with me last month (August 2013) after we'd "broken up" in March of this year. He is a lying sack of shit, and I'm really glad you have this information up. Hopefully he's not still out conning people out of money." --Kyra, left on 09/19/13 05:27 PM ET

Secondly, I essentially reiterated existing information without giving an actual update to what John is doing. To the best of my knowledge, he is living in Spring, TX. He works for a contractor that Hewlett-Packard uses, but I'm unaware what exactly his job title is (though, I'd say janitor, if I had to guess). It's difficult to keep track of who exactly he's scamming, but I know of at least two, possibly three, different woman that he has been "seeing". His current victim is named Savannah Cook, who has been warned by numerous people about John, who has seen the posts about him here, and is even more blockheaded than Lizz was when she first was told the truth about John.

Lastly, I want to stress it since many people seem to forget this. John is a felon. He has been charged with two different felonies, found guilty of at least one, and is currently on probation. He does not have a license, yet many people can confirm that they've seen him driving. I've also had a few people tell me he's frequently packing, which I believe is illegal since he's on probation.

That's about it for this update. I've locked the previous posts to force any new comments/information/frustration to be left on this post.

1: When people first started contacting me, my father was instrumental in digging up paperwork John had left behind at my previous apartment which I had left with my parents when I moved out, showing he owed many people/businesses money and had a warrant out for his arrest at one point up in NY (it's possible he still does).