For the last several months, I've been in touch with a family living outside of Houston, TX who became one of John's victims after their eldest daughter met him on OkCupid. Unfortunately, I have limited time right now to type this post out, so I'll have to come back and edit this with additional detail in the future.

The highlights I want to bring attention to are:

- John has been charged with theft in Harris County
- A warrant was signed for John's arrest earlier this week (April 2015)
- John is out on bond at the moment

I've been sitting on this information for while now, knowing that he was being investigated and kept it quiet because I didn't want to run the risk of him fleeing the area like he did years ago when he was being investigated in NY. That said, if you're reading this, live in Texas, and John has previously stolen/conned you out of money and/or taken advantage of you in any way possible, please contact me or leave a comment. I've been told that the DA prosecuting John's case is looking for any other victims of his, past or present, and this may finally put him behind bars, least for a little while.

Before I finish this post up for the moment, I want to also bring attention to the fact that John has, once again, been using false last names. The alias that he had been using was 'John Mitchell', but I may be updating this post as I find out others.

EDIT (07/09/2015): John is due in court tomorrow (07/10) in Harris County. Additionally, I discovered about a half hour ago that his five year probation sentence for the two separate state felonies he pleaded guilty to in Brazos County was revoked as of 06/22/2015 due to the charges filed against him in Harris County. There is a capias warrant in Brazos County for his arrest at the time of this update.