While I'm updating everything, I might as well include an update on John. It's been about a year since I last posted about him and given some of the updates I've received lately, I figured it's time for another post.

There's no easy way to say this, so I might as well state it bluntly. John's mother died a little over a month ago in March 2016. I've known about this for awhile, but decided to wait a little bit on posting this out of respect for her and her family. She was a wonderful, hard-working woman who will be missed by many people and didn't deserve a son like John (amongst other things), but I digress.

Last I heard, John is back in the western NY area because of this. I assume he's here temporarily since he's facing at least three felony charges back in Texas. I was also made aware that he's allegedly receiving a sizeable inheritance from his mother's death. Since this information isn't public record, I won't say what the figure I was told is, but I will say that if you're reading this and John owes you any money, now would be the time to try getting him to pay up.

Past that, I believe he has at least one trial date this year, starting in June or July. Once that happens, I'm sure I'll start receiving updates from people in Texas that have been conned by him and are able to sit in on the trial as the two Texas county websites that I had been using to check the status of the cases against him are currently not functioning. Hopefully, he'll be behind bars this time next year. In the meantime, I believe he's still with Savannah in the Dayton, TX area and I haven't heard that he's preying on anyone else.