Almost a year ago, I said I was going to migrate this site over to Jekyll and host it on GitHub. At the time, I was intent on doing that. About a month after writing that post, I discovered a limitation in Jekyll/GitHub hosting that at the time that made it an unrealistic option to use. Around the same time, I started another job and started having other priorities to focus on (on top of a 20 mile daily bike ride to and from work) so I ended up leaving things as is.

Recently, my AWS Free Tier status expired and I started racking up the cost of running an EC2 instance to host this site. As a result, I took a fresh look at using Jekyll again. Lo and behold, the limitation that prevented me from using it a year ago has been fixed. I started migrating the WordPress content over to a fresh Jekyll site in late January (which wasn’t as straightforward as their migration site would lead you to believe). After spending the last month cleaning up the content that was imported, configuring the site to my preferences, and tweaking the default theme to render everything in a way that’ll work for the time being, I’ve switched over the DNS records and pushed all the changes to production. There are still some issues with hardcoded links in old posts, but I’ll fix them in the near future.

As time goes on, I have plans to modernize the layout and change the color scheme to something darker. I’m not much of a front end developer and doing this will take some reading and testing beforehand, so no idea when this will happen.